Database on Patents Issued. Mexico, 1830-1911

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Patents Issued. Mexico, 1830-1911

This database was developed by Edward Beatty from the Memorias of the federal Development Ministry and annual volumes of Dublán and Lozano’s Legislación Mexicana for the period before 1890; the Diario Oficial de la Nación from 1890 until October 1903, and the Gaceta Oficial de Patentes y Marcas from 1903 to the onset of the Mexican revolution in 1911.

Records: 14,000 patents.

Dates: 1830 to 1911

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If you find the database useful, please, quote articles and books. Add a note on your papers as follows: Edward Beatty: Database on Patents Issued. Mexico, 1830-1911, Notre Dame (IN) (2015 onwards).


Ted Beatty