Bjørn Basberg

Professor of Economic History (Norwegian School of Economics)

PhD in Economic History

Graduate in Business Administration

Patents, Industrial History, History of Technology, Maritime and Whaling History

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Working Papers

2015. Basberg, Bjørn. Keynes, Trouton and the Hector Whaling Company. A Personal and Professional Relationship, Discussion Paper, DP SAM , 8/2015, Department of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics.

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2015. Basberg, Bjørn. "Amateur or professional? A new look at 19th century patentees in Norway", Scandinavian Economic History Review 63(1), (24-44).
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2013. Basberg, Bjørn. "A Crises that Never Came. The Decline of the European Antarctic Whaling Industry in the 1950s and -60s", Mariner´s Mirror 99(2), (196-211).
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2013. Basberg, Bjørn; Headland, Robert. "The Economic Significance of the 19th Century Antarctic Sealing Industry", Polar Record 49(4), (381-391).
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2006. Basberg, Bjørn. "Patenting and Early Industrialization in Norway, 1860-1914. Was There a Linkage?", Scandinavian Economic History Review 54(1), (4-21).
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2004. Basberg, Bjørn. The Shore WhalingStations at South Georgia. A Study in Antarctic Industrial Archaeology, Novus. Oslo.
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