Carolina Castaldi

Associate Professor of Innovation (TU/e)

Eindhoven University of Technology

PhD. in Economics and Management (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa)

Innovation, patents, trademarks, services, organizations

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Working Papers

2018. Castaldi, Carolina. On the Market: Using Trademarks to Capture Organizational Assets, Strategies and Capabilities, SSRN Working Papers,

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2018. Castaldi, Carolina; Dosso, Mafini. From R&D to Market: Using Trademarks to Capture the Market Capability of Top R&D Investors, JRC Working Papers on Corporate R&D and Innovation, 01/2018.

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News & Events

Special Issue: Trademarks and their Role in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Organization
2019 Oct 01 - 2019 Oct 31

Castaldi, Carolina; Block, Joern; Flikkema, Meindert

Special Issue: Regions and Trademarks
2019 Feb 01 - 2019 Jun 30

Castaldi, Carolina; Mendonça, Sandro

Themed Session: Does Society Need more Trademarks?
2018 Sep 05 - 2018 Sep 07

Calboli, Irene; Castaldi, Carolina; Mendonça, Sandro


2019. Flikkema, Meindert; Castaldi, Carolina; De Man, Ard-Pieter; Seip, Marcel. "Trademarks' Relatedness to Product and Service Innovation: A Branding Strategy Approach", Research Policy 48(6), (1340-1353).
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2019. Castaldi, Carolina. "All the Great Things You Can Do with Trademark Data: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead", (forthcoming).
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2018. Seip, Marcel; Castaldi, Carolina; Flikkema, Meindert; De Man, Ard-Pieter. "The Timing of Trademark Application in Innovation Processes", Technovation 72-73, (34-45).
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2018. Castaldi, Carolina. "To Trademark or Not to Trademark: The Case of the Creative and Cultural Industries", Research Policy 47(3), (606-616).
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2017. Castaldi, Carolina; Los, Bart. "Geographical Patterns in US Inventive Activity 1977–1998: The “Regional Inversion” was Underestimated", Research Policy 46(7), (1187-1197).
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2015. Castaldi, Carolina; Frenken, Koen; Los, Bart. "Related Variety, Unrelated Variety and Technological Breakthroughs: An analysis of US State-Level Patenting", Regional Studies 49(5), (767-781).
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2014. Flikkema, Meindert; Castaldi, Carolina; De Man, Ard-Pieter. "Are Trademark Counts a Valid Indicator of Innovation? Results of an In-Depth Study of New Benelux Trademarks Filed by SMEs", Industry and Innovation 21(4), (310-331).
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