Claude Diebolt

CNRS Research Professor in Economics (esp. Cliometrics)

PhD. in Economics (France)

Graduate in Economics (France and Germany)

Cliometrics of Growth and Economic Cycles

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Towards a Cliometric Theory of Unified Growth: The Role of Female Empowerment

From 2013-01-01 to 2015-06-30
Supported by: University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study


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2013. Diebolt, Claude; Perrin, Faustine. "From Stagnation to Sustained Growth: the Role of Female Empowerment", American Economic Review 103(3), (545-549).
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2004. Darné, Olivier; Diebolt, Claude. "Unit Roots and Infrequent Large Shocks: New International Evidence on Output", Journal of Monetary Economics 51(7), (1449-1465).
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