David Harper

Clinical Professor of Economics (NYU)

PhD. in Economics (University of Reading, United Kingdom)

Graduate in Economics and Management Studies (University of Waikato, New Zealand)

Entrepreneurship, innovation, capital theory, Austrian economics

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Recombinant Capital and Innovation

From 2013-12-06 to 2018-12-31

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Innovation, Recombinant Capital and Public Choice
2015 Feb 26 - 2015 Feb 26

Harper, David


2021. Harper, David; Muñoz, Félix Fernando; Vázquez, Francisco-José. "Innovation in Online Higher-Education Services: Building Complex Systems", Economics of Innovation and New Technology 30(4), (412-431).
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2014. Harper, David. "Property as a Complex Adaptive System: How Entrepreneurship Transforms Intellectual Property Structures", Journal of Evolutionary Economics 24(2), (335-355).
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2013. Harper, David. "Property Rights, Entrepreneurship and Coordination", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 88(April), (62-67).
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2012. Harper, David; Endres, Anthony M.. "The Anatomy of Emergence, with a Focus upon Capital Formation", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 82(2-3), (352-367).
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2012. Endres, Anthony M.; Harper, David. "The Kinetics of Capital Formation and Economic Organisation", Cambridge Journal of Economics (36)4, (963-980).
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2010. Harper, David; Endres, Anthony M.. "Capital as a Layer Cake: A Systems Approach to Capital and its Multi-Level Structure", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 74(1-2), (30-41).
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