Database on Cuban Patents (1830-1898)

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Cuban Patents (1830-1898)

This database is being developed under the direction of Patricio Sáiz and Nadia Fernández-de-Pinedo. It was organized from distinct documentation available at the Archivo Nacional de la República de Cuba.

Records: 2,500 patents of invention and introduction.

Dates: 1830-1898

If you find the database useful, please, quote articles and books. Add a note on your papers as follows: Patricio Sáiz and Nadia Fernández-de-Pinedo (Dirs.) (2016): Base de datos de patentes. Cuba, 1830-1898 / Database on Cuban Patents (1830-1898), IBCNetwork (2015-2016), Madrid.


Patricio Sáiz
Nadia Fernández-de-Pinedo