Dabase on Peruvian Patents (1893-1967)

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Peruvian Patents (1893-1967)

This database is being developed under the direction of Martín Monsalve Zanatti and José Manuel Carrasco Weston from distinct documentation available at the Archivo General de la Nación. Main fields are patent owner, patent type, economic sector, country of origin, and grant date.

Records: 2,715 patents.

Dates: 1893-1967

If you find the database useful, please, quote articles and books. Add a note on your papers as follows: Martín Monsalve Zanatti and José Manuel Carrasco Weston (Dirs.): Database on Peruvian Patents, 1893-1967, Lima (2015 onwards)


Martín Monsalve Zanatti
José Manuel Carrasco Weston