Database on Privilege Applications. Spain (1826-1878)

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Privilege Applications. Spain 1826-1878

This database was built between 1991 and 1995 by Patricio Sáiz while elaborating his PhD thesis: Invención, patentes e innovación en España (1759-1878) (Invention, Patents and Innovation in Spain, 1759 to 1878). In doing so, I used the original patent files at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Officce's archive.

Records: 5,113 privileges of invention and introduction.

Dates: 27 March 1826 to 31 July 1878

If you find the database useful, please, quote articles and books. Add a note in your papers as follows: Patricio Sáiz (2000): Base de datos de solicitudes de privilegios. España, 1826-1878 / Database on Privilege Applications (Spain, 1826-1878), OEPM-UAM (1991-1995), Madrid.



Patricio Sáiz