Cervantes and Intellectual Property Rights

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Virtual Exhibition: Cervantes and Intellectual Property Rights (400th Centenary, 1616-2016)

Exhibition to conmmemorate the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s death, in 1616. During the early 17th century, printing privileges rewarded writers by guaranteeing the right of authorizing publishers to print their works. Likewise, inventors could apply for “privileges of invention” to protect new technologies. Thus, the origins of distinct kinds for intellectual property have common roots going back to the late 15th century. 

Scientific Committee and GuidelineLuis Blázquez and Patricio Sáiz

Technical DevelopmentFrancisco Llorens Acién

Text & Documentation: Luis BlázquezPatricio Sáiz

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Please cite this as: Patricio Sáiz and Luis Blázquez (2016): Cervantes y la propiedad intelectual e industrial, OEPM-UAM, Madrid.


Luis Blázquez
Patricio Sáiz
Francisco Llorens