Advance Search Engine for Swedish Patents (1746-1945)

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Advance Search Engine for Swedish Patents (1746-1945)

This search engine for patents granted in Sweden between 1764 and 1945 was developed by Francisco LlorensPatricio Sáiz, David Andersson, and Fredrik Tell (2018-2020). Using innovative text processing and indexing technologies, you can search over 120,000 patents (more than 2 million pages). This is the 2022 full-functioning version.

You can search specific text only on patent specifications and the system will return each matching patent page with the option of downloading the full PDF or the register book image. Likewise, you can search specific text on certain patent metadata (year, title, patentee/inventor, international patent classification, location, occupation, and agent) and the system will return all the pages of the matching patents. Finally, you can combine searches on metadata and the full text of patent specifications.  

Search results link also to matching patents in ESPACENET, where complementary data may be available.

We hope you enjoy it. If you do so, please quote our articles and books. Add a note in your papers as follows: Francisco Llorens, Patricio Sáiz, David Andersson, and Fredrik Tell (2022): Advanced Search Engine for Swedish Patents (1746-1945), UU-PRV (2018-2020), Uppsala and this link:

The Swedish Patent Database

The Swedish patent database has been developed by a group of researchers at the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University in collaboration with the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV) during the period 2017–2021. At Uppsala University the work has been organized by Professor Fredrik Tell (PhD) and David Andersson (PhD) together with Simon Elgar and Jesper Alkarp. At PRV, the work has been organized by Patent Expert Anders Bruun, Process Owner Åsa Viken, Head of Patent Department Sara Backman and former Head Archivist Dyveke Frimodt.

Professor Patricio Sáiz at the Department of Economic History at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain has acted as an advisor to the project. Technical development and design of the database infrastructure, back end and search engine have been performed by Francisco Llorens (Intercyd) with the collaboration of Patricio Sáiz.

In addition, the following research assistants have also contributed to the project:

John-Erik Bergkvist, Sabina Dellstig, Anna Vestermark, Embla Hausmanis, Mathias Karlsson, Mathilda Lindeborg, Frida Myrsten, Sofia Nilsson, Anna Norell, Magnus Norberg, Daniel Nyborg, Sara Soltani, Anna Vögeli, Torulf Standwerth.

The database has been developed with the support of the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Grant: IN17-0954:1), the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University and PRV.


Francisco Llorens
Patricio Sáiz
David Andersson
Fredrik Tell