Database on Trademark Applications. Spain (1850-1919)

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Trademark Applications. Spain 1850-1919

This database is being developed from 2007 onwards, led by Patricio Sáiz, under the OEPM-UAM Agreement for the Cataloguing and Studying of Historical Patent and Trademark Documentation. It is being organized from the original trademark files at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Officce's archive.

Records: 42.596 trademark files

Dates: 20 November 1850 to 26 December 1919

If you find the database useful, please, quote articles and books. Add a note on your papers as follows: Patricio Sáiz, Francisco Llorens, Luis Blázquez y Francisco Cayón (Dirs.): Base de datos de solicitudes de marcas (España, 1850-1919), OEPM, Madrid, 2007-2018.


Patricio Sáiz
Francisco Llorens
Luis Blázquez
Francisco Cayón