Edward Beatty

Associate Professor of History (University of Notre Dame)

PhD in History (Stanford University)

BA in History (PU) and MA in Latin American Studies (UNM)

Mexican Social and Economic History, Patents, Business History

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Technology in Latin America’s Past and Present: New Evidence from the Patent Records

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Databases & Online Resources

Beatty, Edward. Mexico Patent Database (1840-1910), University of Notre Dame. doi: 10.7274/R0K64G4F.

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Working Papers

2007. Beatty, Edward; Saiz, Patricio. Industrial Property Institutions, Patenting, and Technology Investment in Spain and Mexico, c. 1820-1914, UAM Working Papers in Economic History, 2007(02), SSRN.com.

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2017. Beatty, Edward; Pineda, Yovanna; Saiz, Patricio. "Technology in Latin America's Past and Present: New Evidence from the Patent Records", Latin American Research Review 52(1), (138-149).
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2007. Beatty, Edward; Saiz, Patricio. "Propiedad industrial, patentes e inversión en tecnología en España y México (1820-1914)", in Dobado, Rafael; Gómez, Aurora; Márquez, Graciela , México y España ¿historias económicas paralelas?, Fondo de Cultura Económica. México D.F., (425-467).
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2001. Beatty, Edward. Institutions and Investment: The Political Basis of Industrialization in Mexico before 1911, Stanford University Press. Stanford.
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