Foz Tua Project

Supported by: EDP- Energias de Portugal
From: 2011-08-30 To: 2014-08-31
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Leading Researcher

Beira, Eduardo  

IBC Network members

Felis-Rota, Marta;


This project is part of the compensation fund for the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the Tua river. The waters will cover a nineteenth-century old railway line along the Tua valley. Our project involves preserving oral, visual, historical memories and cultural heritage of the Valley and the railway construction and economic impact in the region. It includes the elaboration of audio-visual material memories, the publication of a series of related books on the construction of the railway and related topics, the construction of a nucleus of memory (museum) in the Tua railway station, and the re-orientation of the economic activities linked to the railway into a touristic line as a modus of fostering the economic development of a peripheral region. An integrated, interdisciplinary, “apolitical” project about the history and memory of the line joins the communities related to Tua valley.


One paricipant (Ellan Espero, from MIT, USA) speaking under the gravure of the Baron of Forrester (1809-1861), a main actor of Douro region during the second half of XIXth century.
Worksession during 2011 meeting, in the main room of the old house of Quintana do Tua.
Group of participants in the 2011 meeting, in the main entrance for the house of Quintana do Tua, where sessions where held.