HGISe: A Platform for the Analysis of Transport, Population and Socioeconomic Indicators for Europe, 1850-2000: The Cases of England & Wales and the Iberian Peninsula

Supported by: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
From: 2011-01-01 To: 2013-12-01
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Leading Researcher

Martí Henneberg, Jordi  

IBC Network members

Felis-Rota, Marta;


We focus our research in all those subjects that contribute to the understanding of the development and integration of Europe from a socio-economic perspective. The GIS approach takes into account the geospatial condition of data, which is crucial for the understanding of Europe's evolution throughout last centuries. A Geographical Information System is not only a solution that enables to create and visualize all sort of data on interactive maps, but also a technology that enables to go further when analysing this data, so that the results and conclusions achieved cannot be accomplished with other tools.