International and Interregional Trade of Goods and Services in Spain and the EU: Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Testing within the Context of the New Economic Geography

Supported by: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
From: 2011-01-01 To: 2013-12-31
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Leading Researcher

Llano Verduras, Carlos  

IBC Network members

Felis-Rota, Marta;


The main objective of this project is the study of interregional trade with respect to allocation and mobility of production factors. We also study the price differentials between regions, taking the New Trade Theory (NTT) and New Economic Geography (NEG) as theoretical frameworks. We have disaggregated spatial analysis in mind.  The project includes interregional trade of goods and services, hub-spoke structures, factor mobility, concentration of economic activity, specialization by sector, transport infrastructure, border effects, gravity models and network economies.