TRANSPORTRADE. Spatial Modelling Applied to People and Commodity Movements in the Spanish International and Interregional Strategic Areas

Supported by: Comunidad de Madrid (Regional Government), Ref. IV PRICIT 2005-2008, S2007-HUM-0467
From: 2009-01-01 To: 2011-12-31
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Leading Researcher

Zofio, José Luis  

IBC Network members

Felis-Rota, Marta;


The principal aim of this program is to develop a network of multidisciplinary research teams to study people and commodities movements (e.g. commuting, transportation, trade, etc.), both at an international and interregional levels. The network comprises centres of national and international reference in these analytical issues, as with regards to the Economics, Transport Engineering, Geography and the Environmental Sciences perspectives. The network promotes the diffusion and transfer of knowledge among its institutions, foster international mobility of its members and increase their competitiveness in international contests and tenders.