Las relaciones comerciales y financieras entre Europa y Castilla en la Temprana Edad Moderna / The Commercial and Financial Relations between Europe and Castile in the Early Modern Age

Supported by: Comunidad de Madrid (CCG06-UAM-0213)
From: 2007-01-01 To: 2007-12-13
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Leading Researcher

Lanza, Ramón   

IBC Network members

Fernández-de-Pinedo, Nadia


The overall objective of this research project is to study the impact of the fiscal problems of economic institutions, institutional change and economic activities in Spain within the European framework of early modern age. Imposing new taxes along with the creation of monopolies and trade regulations affecting the public supplies contributed to the fragmentation of economic space, the extent of tax evasion and the market decline and therefore affected the deterioration of public services and consumption levels in rural and urban areas. Property rights were challenged in the divestiture of the collective heritage of the people driven by the continuing demands of the Crown. Changes in the customs system affected the flow foreign trade and the manipulation of public debt securities market training altered the financial market.


Castillian cotton shuttle
Europe about 1560
The Calling of St Matthew (Caravaggio)