Consumo, niveles de vida y desigualdad en España, 1400-1870 / Consumption, Living standards and inequality in Spain, 1400-1870

Supported by: Ministerio de Investigación y Ciencia (HAR 2012-35965/His)
From: 2013-01-01 To: 2016-12-31
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Leading Researcher

Fernández-de-Pinedo, Emiliano  

IBC Network members

Fernández-de-Pinedo, Nadia


This project comprises 5 clear objectives 1) Build price series as broad as possible from a temporally and geographically to provide a comprehensive quantitative picture of the evolution of prices in modern Spain (1400-1870), 2) Develop series of nominal wages for different trades and skilled labor unskilled work in the regions referred to above, 3) Identify and analyze information on the structure of consumption expenditure and families of different social classes and regional areas, 4) Development of real wage series, using the different international proposals and determining their levels in relation to so-called "poverty lines", 5) Measurement and analysis of regional differences detected in the previous sections.


Nadia Fernández-de-Pinedo presenting a project paper at the workshop "Textile and Diplomacy": Research & Development Day held in the Centre for Textile Researc, SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen (March 17, 2016).