La invención de tecnología educativa en una época de transición. Evidencias en el sistema mexicano de patentes, 1890-1942 / The Invention of Educational Technology during Times of Transition. Evidence from the Mexican Patent System, 1890-1942

Supported by: Secretaría de Educación Pública, PRODEP (Ref.: UPN-PTC-058)
From: 2018-08-01 To: 2019-12-31
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Mendoza, Vandari Manuel  

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Mendoza, Vandari Manuel


The invention patents are an excellent resource for reconstructing the history of educational technology, because they offer very valuable information about multiple objects for educational development, their creators and the teaching practices that are manifested in them. Therefore, this project aims to compile, systematize and study the information on educational invention patents, registered between 1890 and 1942, with the purpose of beginning the historical reconstruction of these experiences and evaluating the conditions that could have caused their success or failure in Mexico. All of this, considering the adaptation that the school inventions had in the educational context of the country and the degree of appropriation that they achieved in educational practice.