Exhibition: Spanish Innovation (Creador.es)

Supported by: National Science & Technology Museum (Spain) (FECYT)
From: 2020-06-01 To: 2020-12-31
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Leading Researcher

Saiz, Patricio  

IBC Network members

Blázquez, Luis


Blázquez, Luis


This research contract aims to develop a permanent exhibition on Spanish Innovation for the National Science & Technology Museum (A Coruña site). The exhibition shows a selection of distinct Spanish inventors, innovators and businessmen working during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as Isaac Peral, Leonardo Torres Quevedo, Mónico Sánchez or Emilio Herrera. For each innovator the exhibition shows their biographies in relation to pieces from the MUNCYT’s collection and other institutions as well as to patents and other documental resources.

Scientific committee, guidelines, and text: Documentary Resources Department MUNCYT: Rosa María Latorre and Ignacio Lastra González; IBCGroup Team: Patricio Sáiz and Luis F. Blázquez


Emilio Herrera's Stratosphere Flying Suit. Source: Instituto de Historia y Cultura Aeronáuticas.
Monico Sanchez's Portable X-Ray Machine. Source: La Energía Eléctrica, 25 de julio de 1910, Año XII, nº 14.
Peral's Submarine in a recreation of a ship battle. Source: Biblioteca Nacional.
Drawings of Torres Quevedo's Spanish Patent 31918 on the Telekine, an apparatus for remote control of a mechanical movement. Source: OEPM.