Mobility Studies in the Washington Metropolitan Area

Supported by: US Department of Transportation & UMEC (Reference: 69A43551747123)
From: 2018-03-01 To: 2021-06-21
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Leading Researcher

Cirillo, Cinzia  

IBC Network members

Bas, Javier


The federally funded Urban Mobility & Equity Tier 1 Center (UMEC) through its National Transportation Center cooperates with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and University of Maryland Department of Civil Engineering to carry out transportation projects. UMEC focuses on research to improve urban mobility of people and goods in a safe, environmentally sustainable, and equitable manner. In keeping with UMEC’s research themes, this series of projects focus on: increasing access to opportunities, smart cities, novel modes of transport, systems integration, analytical tools to optimize movement, and regional planning.

2018-2019: Evaluating Equity Issues for Managed Lanes: Methods for Analysis and Empirical Results

2019-2020: Developing an ECO-Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control System for Electric Vehicles

2020-2021: Adoption and Diffusion of Electric Vehicles in Maryland


Final Report 2019
Final Report 2020
Final Report 2021
Washinton Metropolitan Area