Innovación y empresa en Europa: claves de supervivencia y competitividad / Innovation and Firm in Europe: Keys of Survivor and Competitiveness

Supported by: Fundación BBVA
From: 2004-12-13 To: 2006-12-13
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Leading Researcher

Sánchez, Paloma  

IBC Network members

Castro, Rafael


This project makes an important contribution to reviving the Schumpeterian approach to entrepreneurship research, combining theoretical sophistication with historical perspective. It is a must read for entrepreneurship scholars from all disciplines.
The entrepreneur is involved in the dance of two questions – what is needed and what is possible. The interplay of these two questions is an ongoing process and innovation varies internationally and regionally, depending on differing legal and policy systems, variations in the development of education and skill development, in social processes and in knowledge transfer. This project explores innovation and networks in entrepreneurship with an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on how old and new knowledge can be combined to produce radical innovation.
It combines themes of entrepreneurship, innovation and networks with a specifically European focus, highlighting the wide variations at the national, regional and business level. These variations suggest the need to break with traditional stereotypes about Southern and Northern Europe. The book takes a Schumpeterian perspective, emphasizing the importance of looking at the history of entrepreneurship and innovation, paying particular attention to the neglected area of innovation in services within firms.