Yovanna Pineda

Associate Professor of History (University of Central Florida)

PhD in Latin American History, specialization in Economic History (UCLA)

BA in History and Latin American Studies (UCLA)

Machinery, patents, industrial and business history, history of technology and science, Latin American history

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Technology in Latin America’s Past and Present: New Evidence from the Patent Records

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Databases & Online Resources

Pineda, Yovanna. Argentine Patents (1866-1914), Publication Pending. Orlando (2015 onwards).

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2017. Beatty, Edward; Pineda, Yovanna; Saiz, Patricio. "Technology in Latin America's Past and Present: New Evidence from the Patent Records", Latin American Research Review 52(1), (138-149).
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2009. Pineda, Yovanna. "Financing Manufacturing Innovation in Argentina, 1890-1930", Business History Review 83(3), (539-562).
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2009. Pineda, Yovanna. Industrial Development in a Frontier Economy: The Industrialization of Argentina, 1890-1930, Stanford University Press. Stanford, CA.
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2007. Pineda, Yovanna. "Manufacturing Profits and Strategies in Argentine Industrial Development, 1904-1930", Business History 49(2), (186-210).
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2006. Pineda, Yovanna. "Sources of Finance and Reputation: Merchant Finance Groups in Argentine Industrialization, 1890-1930", Latin American Research Review 41(2), (3-30).
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