Jochen Streb

Professor of Economic History (University of Mannheim)

PhD. in Economics (University of Heidelberg)

Graduate in Economics (University of Heidelberg)

Patents, Innovations, Regulation, Social Insurance, War Economies

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The Swedish Patent Database, 1746-1975

From 2018-01-01 to 2021-12-31
Supported by: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Reference: IN17-0954:1)

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Patents and Inventors, 1800-1939
2016 Mar 30 - 2016 Mar 30

Nuvolari, Alessandro; Andersson, David; Saiz, Patricio; Streb, Jochen; Vasta, Michelangelo


2017. Cinnirella, Francesco; Streb, Jochen. "The Role of Human Capital and Innovation in Economic Development: Evidence from Post-Malthusian Prussia", Journal of Economic Growth 22(2), (193-227).
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2016. Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle; Streb, Jochen. "The Berlin Stock Exchange in Imperial Germany: A Market for New Technology?", American Economic Review 106(11), (3558-3576).
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2016. Streb, Jochen. "The Cliometric Study of Innovation", in Diebolt, Claude; Haupert, Michael (eds.), Handbook of Cliometrics, Springer Verlag. Berlin.
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2015. Guinnane, Timothy; Streb, Jochen. "Incentives That (Could Have) Saved Lives: Government Regulation of Accident Insurance Associations in Germany, 1884-1914", The Journal of Economic History 75(4), (1196-1227).
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2011. Richter, Ralf; Streb, Jochen. "Catching-Up and Falling Behind: Knowledge Spillover from American to German Machine Tool Makers", The Journal of Economic History 71(4), (1006-1031).
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2009. Streb, Jochen. "Negotiating Contract Types and Contract Clauses in the German Construction Industry during the Third Reich", The RAND Journal of Economics 40(2), (364-379).
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2006. Baten, Jörg; Streb, Jochen; Yin, Shuxi. "Technological and Geographical Knowledge Spillover in the German Empire 1877-1918", The Economic History Review 59(2), (347-373).
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